Risk-Based Process Safety Management System

Core Safety

CoreSafety® becomes the core of Risk-Based Process Safety Management System by visualising the plant's risk profile.

CoreSafety® also enables the sharing risk profile within an organisation to optimise asset management programme.

Version up

Version up information (v3.0.0)

Visualise the Risk-Based Process Safety Management

  • Visualise Risk Profile

    Risk is visualised using digitalised "Fault Schedule", one of the hazard register formats, converted from the risk assessment information.

  • Easy Set Up via Library Data

    The Fault Schedule can be easily set up by using the library, which summarises the JGC Group's extensive risk assessment experience.

  • Easy Access via Web Browser

    Digitalised "Fault Schedule" on the cloud can be accessed by any member within the organisation at any time and from anywhere via web browser.

  • Centralise the Functional Requirement Management

    CoreSafety® centralises the functional requirements for safety critical elements and performance monitoring of Risk-Based Process Safety Management System by KPI within the organisation.